Random Assignments/ Writing

Devil’s Advocate Assignment
The Anti-Patriot

            The New England Patriots have no business stepping foot on a football field. Everybody says they are the embodiment of class, the epitome of a winner. I say you’re wrong. It amazes me that it’s only been a few years and people have already forgotten about spygate. Remember? When the Patriots cheated the rest of the league, possibly even winning championships because of it? When the Patriots filmed pregame routines and practices of other teams so they could have knowledge of their plays and formations beforehand? Has everyone forgotten? In my mind it’s no coincidence that the Patriots haven’t won a championship since they were caught. It’s proof that the Patriots won because they were cheaters. And to make things even worse, the league basically let them get away with it because they are the “golden boys” of the NFL. The Patriots are not the perfect organization that the league would have everyone believe. They are not the Cinderella story of a quarterback no one knew that steps in to resurrects the team. They are cheaters who can’t get it done when it counts without cheating. This season the “mighty” Patriots narrowly escaped games against two of the league weaker teams with victories. Both teams were starting rookie quarterbacks. If Brady is truly one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and Belicheck is one of the greatest coaches of all time then how would that happen? The answer is it wouldn’t. It just wouldn’t. Another thing the Patriots are falsely held so high for is the organization’s ability to take players with troubled pasts and reform them into focused winners again. Ask Aaron Hernandez how good they are at that then get back to me.

            So in summation, the Patriots suck. They cannot win without cheating their way to it. They have no real talent and hide behind lies and corruption on their way to victory. The league knows about his as well but they allow it because the Patriots have become very popular and are also thought of as an inspiration because of the manner in which they rose to their so called “Glory”.


As a Patriots fan the moment that sticks out in my head the most is when the Giants ruined their perfect season. Even while I’m writing this down, several years later, I feel the rollercoaster of emotions from that night. At the beginning of the evening, I was about as happy as a football fan could be. My team, the team I had been rooting for since I could root, was undefeated and had (what everyone assumed was) a sure shot at the championship. As the game went on, it was not turning out like I had expected. The game wasn’t the blowout I thought it was going to be, and that alone was enough to make me nervous. To make things worse, my step mom and step sisters are Giants fans, a trait they inherited from their New York born grandfather. The Giants were fueled by being the absolute underdog. I don’t think that diehard Giants fans thought they had a chance. The Patriots were hindered by overconfidence, and before the game in my mind there was no doubt about the outcome either. By halftime I’m sure that the Patriots feelings and mine were pretty well aligned. That feeling of knowing you underestimated your opponent and knowing that you have to go play their heart out to even have a chance at winning. Unfortunately, I also felt for the first time all season that the other team just wanted it more. David Tyree’s catch was the knife through our heart. A leaping catch on a high throw. One handed, pinned against his helmet as he’s brought down by a New England defender. How he managed to maintain possession eludes me to this day. But he did nonetheless, and it was both the pickup that the Giants needed and the straw that broke New England’s resolve. The Pats soon lost the game and the second perfect season in NFL history. I then did my laundry.

How To make my Dad’s Superbowl Hot Wings

            Every year for the Superbowl my Dad has a party at his house. Amongst the assortment of food is one of my favorite meals, hot wings. It is a Superbowl tradition in my family and it tastes really good, so I asked about the recipe and the process. Here it is!

1.      Preheat the oven to a high temperature. People usually deep fry wings but it is much healthier to bake them and at around 450 degrees (give or take depending on your oven) you can still get a nice crispy wing without all the extra fat.

2.      Prepare Sauce: The sauce is made of butter, Frank’s Louisiana Hot Sauce, and some salt. We use about a half to ¾ stick of butter and about a half to ¾ hot sauce. This can be adjusted if you are making more or less wings, and to your own personal preference as well. I would recommend making the sauce a day before, to allow for marinating.

3.      Line a pan with the wings. Remember to use a non-stick spray or tinfoil. Use any extra sauce to cover the wings more thoroughly, if you so desire.

4.    Bake, usually around 30 min. depending on size of the wings.

5.      Serve with your favorite dressing or dipping sauce.

6.      Enjoy the football game! Or just the hot wings if you don’t like football.


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